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Building Bridges through Education

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Our Roots

Teachers for Vietnam was established in 2006 to help meet the rapidly growing need for native speakers of English to teach the language in Vietnamese colleges and universities. Teachers for Vietnam establishes ties with various institutions of higher learning and then finds English teachers  to fill teaching positions in ESL at these colleges and universities.

Teachers for Vietnam matches recruited teachers with appropriate university-level positions and offers them an introduction to teaching ESL as well as a country orientation before they leave for Vietnam to take up their teaching duties.

Teachers for Vietnam solicits funds from individuals, foundations, and community organizations to cover the costs of the travel fellowships it offers to recruited teachers. 

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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

The mission of Teachers for Vietnam is to improve the English proficiency of Vietnamese university students by exposing them to trained native speakers. Teachers for Vietnam is also committed to developing greater awareness, understanding, and personal ties between Americans and Vietnamese.

As Vietnam has developed its economy in recent years, the need for graduates who can use English professionally has grown exponentially. Students aspiring to enter business, trade, communications, government service, tourism, and other fields require a command of oral and written English. 


Teachers for Vietnam is addressing this great need.By bringing teachers from the United States to Vietnam, Teachers for Vietnam is also building ties between the peoples of these two countries. Our teachers forge lasting friendships, in and outside the classroom. Their students get to know Americans and learn about our our culture and language first-hand.

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