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Eligibility Requirements

We encourage anyone who meets the following eligibility requirements to apply:

  • a Bachelor’s degree

  • TEFL certification (can be acquired online and after acceptance into program/prior to arrival in Vietnam)

  • native fluency in written and spoken English

What We Look For

We look for candidates who seek to make a positive impact and experience a different culture. We look for people who have a service-oriented mindset, a sense of humility, and a diplomatic sensibility. The most successful teachers in our program are patient and flexible, and approach this experience with an open-mind and sense of adventure.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying, please submit a resume and thoughtful cover letter, describing why you would like to participate in Teachers for Vietnam and why you think you would be a strong candidate. Please include contact information for two references on your resume. Email all application materials to and include "Application" in the subject line.

Application Process

We have two application cycles: one in the late spring (for fall semester start) and one in the mid-autumn (for spring semester start). If selected, you will be contacted for a first-round interview. If a finalist, you will be selected for a second-round interview before an offer is made.

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