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What We Offer

Teachers in our program are sponsored by Teachers for Vietnam, but employed directly by their local university. Under the terms of their employment, teachers enjoy a modest, but adequate standard of living, and are paid a local salary. However, teachers paying off student loans are eligible to have these payments deferred while participating in our program. In addition to their classroom responsibilities, teachers in this program have opportunities to get to know their students outside of class, visit them in their homes, and travel to other parts of Vietnam.

In addition to the local salary and free housing provided by the host institution, Teachers for Vietnam offers its teachers:

  1. A pre-departure orientation program, which provides information on cultural, language, health, and safety issues, as well as current affairs

  2. Group medical insurance for all teachers in need of such coverage, which includes emergency medical evacuation

  3. Transportation to and from Vietnam

  4. Reimbursement for half the cost of a TEFL course (if applicant does not already hold this credential). 

We also offer full-year teachers the opportunity to apply for language study scholarships, and, some years, we are able to offer teachers a Tet travel stipend to support travel over the New Year.

Please note that due to the ongoing pandemic, teachers will have to follow national travel guidance, which may include expenses associated with a 14 to 28 day quarantine upon arrival. 

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